Simon Cowell did NOT offer Tom Jones an X Factor job and thinks The Voice judges need to get a sense of humour!

Simon Cowell has insisted that BBC bosses need to stop being so serious about their new TV series The Voice and develop a sense of humour about the project.

In recent interviews presenters, judges and producers have been selling the new singing based talent show, insisting it will be very ‘credible’ and a serious music show.

Cowell think this sombre approach may hurt their entertainment value and thinks his style of making more light hearted and amusing television shows will turn out to be more successful in the end.

Speaking at yesterday’s press conference in London, the music mogul told us:

“I think they’ve got to get their sense of humour back.”

Addressing claims that the BBC format will produce more ‘credible’ artists than anything Cowell has going on, the X Factor boss hit back, saying:

“In terms of credibility, that’s down to being good, being successful. I’ll tell you what I am going to do, I’m going to back my talent over theirs this year. That’s for sure.”

David Walliams added:

“The biggest star to ever come out of one of these shows is Susan Boyle. She’s sold what 25 million albums. I think that speaks for itself.”

Simon has teased that despite being up against The Voice every Saturday night, he may not even watch a full episode.

He laughed:

“I’ll probably watch about 5 minutes of it, not the whole thing.

They are winding this up to be a big battle, the shows will go out at the same time, may the better one win.”

Meanwhile, another record Cowell was keen to set straight, were the reports that he had offered Tom Jones a role on The X Factor and had been knocked back.

The Welsh singer had previously told journalists that he had refused to join Cowell’s TV panels on a number of occasions, but the music mogul insists those conversations never took place.

He said:

“The one thing I read about today, just to clear the record up, is that I had offered Tom Jones a role on one of my shows. I have met the guy once in Las Vegas and I think the offer he was thinking about was Opportunity Knocks.

It wasn’t one of my shows, so he might have got his dates confused.”

Ohhhh miaow!

Lisa McGarry

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