Simon Cowell gushes about One Direction’s ‘fantastic’ album ‘Take Me Home’ – explains house healer!

by Lisa McGarry

Simon Cowell has been pretty chatty on Twitter this morning.

The X Factor boss is in America at the minute, so it’s the middle of the night in LA and he should be tucked up in bed, with his little eye mask on and snoozing peacefully. Instead he’s online and tweeting his fans about some of the big things happening in his life at the moment.

Cowell told his 3.9 million followers that he had listened to One Direction’s new album for the first time today and it seems he’s pretty pleased with what they’ve come up with.

1D are set to release ‘Take Me Home’ in November this year and it has Cowell’s stamp of approval apparently, as he wrote:

‘I heard most of the new one direction album today. It really is a fantastic album. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.’

The TV boss added:

‘When you hear or see something you have been a part of which is fantastic you realise how important your partners are. I am very lucky.’

Yesterday we reported that Simon was getting a little superstitious in his old age and had called in a faith healer to ‘cleanse’ his LA home.

The Daily Star reported that the music mogul was worried that evil spirits were haunting his life and home and one insider said:

“He feared the crisis engulfing his ailing X Factor show was caused by a curse on him made by women he had wronged.”

Cowell revealed that he did have a healer in his home but his explanation of the reasons behind it were a little different to those printed in the newspaper. He tweeted:

‘I have to say the house healer did a great job. I did it because if you believe something can make you feel happier then try it.’

‘I wasn’t trying to get rid of bad things but I believe your home should be peaceful.’

‘And two people came round today and said the house felt different. So you never know.’

It seems he thinks it’s worked too, because the SYCO boss added:

‘And a new show we have been working on for a while got picked up this week. Spoooookeeeee’

What do you think? Do you think Si Co is losing the plot? Are you excited about One Direction’s new album? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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