Simon Cowell impersonates Jedward at X Factor wrap party

by Lisa McGarry


Simon Cowell couldn’t make it to the X Factor wrap party this week, but sources say that he still managed to be the big talking point of the night.

In his absence, Simon sent along a video clip for the crew and contestants to enjoy. In the spoof film, Simon impersonated John and Edward Grimes and rapped to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby.

“The biggest laugh was for Simon, who started rapping to ‘Ice Ice Baby’,” a source told The Mirror. “He has no right to slate anyone’s singing after hearing that.

“Simon couldn’t make it because he had left the country to go on holiday for Christmas. So he wanted to do something special to give everyone a laugh in his absence. In between rehearsals for the X Factor final, he and the crew managed to sneak away to record an audition tape.

“At midnight, Dermot interrupted the singing and got on stage to tell everyone to look at the plasma screens. They were bent over laughing.”

Lisa McGarry

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