Simon Cowell is invited to Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards’ wedding!

by Lisa McGarry

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Simon Cowell has revealed he’s invited to Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ wedding…..he thinks!

Simon Cowell reckons US talent TV is “a joke” – is he right or is it sour grapes?

The One Direction star proposed to his Little Mix girlfriend in August last year and though Perrie insisted just last week that they haven’t set a date or started making concrete plans for the big event, Cowell seems to know more than even the happy couple themselves.

The furthest Edwards has got with the whole nuptials thing, is trying on a few dresses with her pals, but Simon’s pretty sure that his name’s already on the guest list and when asked if he’d be going along to the wedding of the decade, he told heat magazine ‘I think so….yeah.’

Very enthusiastic!

We suppose the loved up pair have to invite the world-famous music mogul to their do, after all he masterminded One Direction and gave Zayn a second chance at X Factor bootcamp after his dance class meltdown.

simon cowell one direction 2013

He also heads up the record label which both bands are signed to and is the man behind their albums, tours and merchandising deals.

If they club together and buy themselves a mansion in Malibu, it’s all thanks to Mr C.

Perrie revealed yesterday that her man is being very typically male about the wedding plans and told her that he’s happy to leave all the organising, he DJ booking, the flower picking, the dress shopping, the suit designing, the cake decisions and the seating arrangements to her and her pals.

She’s not letting him off that easily though.

zayn and perrie and cat prada

A few days ago we got to thinking about what Zayn and Perrie’s wedding might look like. We predict doves, Caribbean sunsets, ringlets and fairy lights. We think we know who’ll be there and we know where we want it all to be staged.

Have a look at our wedding ideas here, and Ms E if you’re reading, feel free to borrow one or two.

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