Simon Cowell stands by ‘sensitive’ James Arthur as #askJamesArthur gets ridiculous!

by Lisa McGarry
simon cowell x factor usa

simon cowell x factor usa

Simon Cowell has apparently pledged to stand by James Arthur, despite the torrent of abuse that is surrounding him at the minute.

Simon Cowell reckons US talent TV is “a joke” – is he right or is it sour grapes?

The star has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy this week, after a model shared a picture of a Whatsapp chat which she claims took place between her and the former X Factor winner.

As you can see from the shots, the language was less than polite and at times the conversation got rather lewd, though Arthur has denied ever texting the brunette beauty.

Lucy Spraggan cast doubts on his claims, implying that the phone number published did belong to Arthur, while the Impossible star insisted the messages were sent by his – now sacked – PA.


james arthur

To top it all off former Celebrity Big Brother star Sallie Axl waded in yesterday, defending James and branding Teddy Edwardes a ‘disgusting liar’.

As the furore continued, James returned to Twitter and accused the media of a witch-hunt, claiming that anyone else would have ‘killed themselves’ if they had been under the same sort of pressure.

Some fans were worried that the continued controversy would affect James’ career negatively and would influence Simon Cowell’s decision on whether or not to extend the star’s record deal with SYCO.

However a source told Metro that while management know they have to ‘handle James very carefully’, because of his previous battles with depression and suicide attempts, they have been pleased with the progress made and restraint he has shown in recent months, before this new incident.

The insider claimed that, for now, Simon and his team will offer their continued support to Arthur and that they are currently firefighting to get the Twitter situation ‘all under control.’

james arthur

Under control was not how we would have described yesterday’s trending #askJamesArthur hashtag.

We don’t know how the hoax started, but for a long and embarrassing period the Recovery hitmaker was bombarded with stupid and often derisive tweets from detractors and online haters.

We actually felt a bit sorry for James, because if he was depressed beforehand, this will not have helped.

Tweets included:

— Reuben (@ubern) February 11, 2014
#askJamesArthur can you teach me how to sue someone for not giving me sex..?

— Coral (@Coral) February 11, 2014
#askJamesArthur have you ever had any bad experiences as a result of texting or using social media??

— Iain Stirling (@IainDoesJokes) February 11, 2014

#askJamesArthur How good is Matt Cardle?

– joe heenan (@joeheenan)

My pal Steve claims that penguins can fly but they’re just lazy.
Is this true? I’m on my roof with 4 penguins, please reply

– Paul Moran

#askJamesArthur when you eat do you make the noise of a Guinea Pig in distress

– waz (@sortofclown_

#askJamesArthur Have you been mis-sold PPI?

– Hayden (@Hayd07)

#askJamesArthur you look like one of those people who always smell of pickled onion monster munch, can you confirm my suspicions?

— Freddy Quinne (@FreddyQuinne)

#askJamesArthur when are you going to write a book on how to pull women by being the perfect gentlemen? #lovelyguy

– darren k (@Darrenkelly25)

#askJamesArthur after your gender reassignment therapy, how long did it take you after your testosterone shots to grow that Arsehole Beard?

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