Simon Cowell talks Cheryl Cole X Factor return – wants to return to One Direction / Cher Lloyd heyday!

by Lisa McGarry

simon cowell, cheryl cole

Simon Cowell has confirmed reports that he’s in talks with Cheryl Cole about a return to the X Factor panel.

The music mogul was reported to be desperately pursuing the former Girls Aloud star, begging her to make a comeback on the ITV show later this year.

Simon Cowell reckons US talent TV is “a joke” – is he right or is it sour grapes?

Of course anyone that hasn’t been living down the mines for the last three years will know that Simon buggered up his friendship with Chez in 2011 when he asked her to leave the UK singing show, promised to launch her career in America and then after adding her to the USA panel, he dropped her after she worked only a few days.

The pair famously fell out for more than a year, though relations are said to have thawed in recent months, prompting rumours of a reunion.

Speaking on the red carpet at yesterday’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions Simon told The Sun that he’d ‘love’ to have Cole back by his side, not just for her star power but also because she’s always been a ‘good judge.’

If he thought that, why did he sack her eh?


However, while talks continue, it’s thought that Cheryl is playing hardball with ITV judges and making them sweat, before revealing her decision. Some insiders say she’s also pushing for a ‘no censorship’ clause in her new contract.

Meanwhile, after slating Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger and insisting that The X Factor needs him back (no mention of the cancelled and failed US version then), Cowell also revealed that he’s planning to bring the show back to it’s 2010 heyday.

He wants to attract more singers like One Direction and Cher Lloyd, who have since went on to become global stars. He said:


“I kept thinking about that final year where we had Matt Cardle, One Direction and Cher Lloyd. That’s what I want X Factor to be.”

SiCo is keen to find a lot of ‘little diamonds’ for 2014 apparently and no doubt ones that can step into the shoes of his other stars, when their hectic work schedule finally gets the better of them and drives them out of the industry.

What do you think of all the propositions X Factor fans? Are you excited about Simon’s return? Do you want to see Cheryl back by his side? Or do you think ITV should take a leaf out of Fox’s book and ‘rest’ The X Factor for a while?

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Lisa McGarry

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  1. Mack Bolen on February 16, 2014 at 11:49 pm

    Might finally get back to something worth watching. The 2010 personalities, with both judges and contestants, were top notch! Rebecca’s ‘Tina Turner’ vocals, 1D sending heart throbs through the masses of tweenies’-girls, plus Cher Lloyd’s dominating stage presence as Cheryl’s controversial protégé- breaking barriers of all kinds…wow, that was the year! The bigger Cher Lloyd gets world wide, could only help Simon and Cheryl’s US status and get the X-factor USA (with Simon) back on top vs. hugely successful shows like the VOICE USA.

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