Simon Cowell to confirm 2014 judges on Britain’s Got Talent final & X Factor’s Sharon Osbourne insists he asked her to join BGT

bgt judges 2013

Simon Cowell has confirmed that he will be confirming the lineup of the 2014 Britain’s Got Talent panel on next Saturday’s final.

The last semi final of the series aired last night on ITV and we now have our ten finalists who will compete – along with a wildcard – next weekend for the £250,000 prize money.

As the 2013 run draws to a close, Simon has revealed that he won’t draw out the judging panel’s reveal for another year and last night, on Britain’s Got More Talent he said he’ll be making an announcement about the next series on Saturday.

When a caller asked Amanda if she’d be back, Simon jumped in and said:

“Actually, I wasn’t going to say this, but we are going to make an announcement about the judges on Saturday’s show next week.”

bgt judges 2013

Holden laughed:

“Sharon Osbourne’s clearly coming back!”

We’re not surprised she thinks that, after all the night before Sharon took part in the judges phone in and revealed that Cowell had once asked her to join the BGT panel.

The reality TV star worked on America’s Got Talent until last year and this month she’ll be making her big X Factor return.

On Friday night, she asked Cowell if he was glad to have her back, saying:

“Simon my darling I want to know if you are happy that I am coming back to X Factor?”

Cowell laughed:

louis walsh sharon osbourne

“Look at my face (pulls funny face). No, of course I am glad!”

Sharon then caused a bit of tension on the panel when she teased:

“Listen was it a joke when you pestered and begged me to come back as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent?”

Simon saw the daggers that were coming from Amanda’s eyes at this point and berated Osbourne saying:

“Sharon you have no idea how much trouble you have just caused. By the way, this is absolutely NOT true.”


Looking at Holden he added:

“I swear on my life it isn’t true. I swear I did not offer her the job on BGT”

The mum of two wasn’t buying it though and grumpily said:

“Who knows with you, listen I don’t care, please let’s not give them anymore to write about Simon.”

Ohh tension.

We think it’s a pretty fair bet that David Walliams will be back for the 2014 run, after all Simon sort of let the cat out of the bag on that one earlier in the week.

Who would you like to see on the lineup? Leave your comments below….

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