Simon Cowell to give One Direction’s Zayn Malik, Niall Horan etc a year off so they don’t turn into Justin Bieber?

simon cowell and one direction

Simon Cowell has admitted that he keeps a very close eye on his singers and acts to make sure their fame and workload isn’t pushing them into meltdown.

The X Factor boss was interviewed on Fox news this week and asked about the recent reports on Justin Bieber’s supposed troubles.

It’s been claimed that the young star was placed on a ‘no fly’ list at a skydiving facility this week because of bad behaviour, some insiders have claimed the singer is using ever increasing amounts of drugs and he was pictured attacking a photographer in London earlier this year.

Simon was asked what he thinks of Bieber’s problems and how he ensures that the acts signed to his own label don’t go the same way.


The music mogul revealed that he watches the careers of One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis etc very closely and claimed that he would insist they take a year off if he thought the pressures of fame were weighing too heavily on the younger stars.

Cowell explained:

If I ever thought one of our artists was being over worked or over promoted you would just have to say to them ‘you’ve made enough money, take a year off.’ You have to be sensible about it.

However, insiders have claimed that the hectic work schedule, the non stop travelling and the constant performing is taking it’s toll on the One Direction boys specifically.

Niall Horan complained last week about his poor hotel facilities and constantly being ‘stalked’ though he later apologised for being a ‘kn*b.’

zayn malik

Zayn Malik has sparked concerns with his extreme weight loss and after pictures emerged showing him looking extremely skinny a source told US Magazine:

““He’s always been the slimmest of the band members, naturally but I think he’s running around a lot, getting stressed, and not putting health first.””

Liam Payne also had a bit of a Twitter meltdown this week and he later apologised to fans in a tweet which read:

“I’m worried people think I’m pissed off or whatever and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a dick so i just wanted to say sorry to anyone who was pissed at me the other day I was just tired an having a bad time, I just miss home a little bit at the moment so please don’t think I’m moody or off… ”

1D aren’t likely to get a year off any time soon, as their Take Me Home world tour still has five months to go and their stadium tour kicks off in May of next year.

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