Simon Cowell’s ex Sinitta defends herself on Twitter over abortion rumours ‘the termination wasn’t 2009’

by Nick Barnes

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Simon Cowell’s high-profile ex Sinitta has taken to Twitter to defend herself over the mounting abortion rumours floating around in the tabloids.

Last week, reports surfaced that Sinitta had previously aborted Simon Cowell’s unborn child. Private medical history showed that she had quotes from Cowell’s past, which seemed to set the abortion rumours on fire even more. However, Sinitta has taken to Twitter over the weekend to defend herself.

What is interesting is that in none of the tweets has Sinitta denied the rumours to say that she did not abort Simon’s unborn child. However, you could also question what it has to do with anybody else. Sinitta added last week that a close friend leaked the news to the tabloids and that she did not go to the papers with the story.

Sinitta started her tweeting tirade on Friday, and the revelations only stopped last night. More could be on the way…

She started off by writing: “Last weekend a few of the newspapers reported that I had terminated @simoncowell child, some said in 2009, another said behind his back RT.

“They stopped me defending myself in paper where started,so now I have to tell the whole truth of the @SimonCowell baby termination here RT (sic)”

She then went on to say that the baby termination wasn’t in 2009 as was originally posted in the media, which does not deny that she had an abortion, it seemingly confirms the dates if anything.

After having a rest for a couple of hours, she continued: “I know how undignified this is and it sickens me too but I have been dignified throughout so many unjusts and untrue claims and accusations.

“I don’t want to hurt the people I have loved, but I don’t want to always be the one who gets hurt I snapped, enough is enough.

“this isn’t the best place (practically)as SO much to say,im going to set a few things straight even though I am afraid of the consequences.

“I need to pray on this, I need to sleep on this, but I know somehow I need to do this , I’m sorry,but its important to me, (sic)”

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Finally, last night Sinitta told her followers that it is “so hard” for her to defend herself, especially over a social networking platform like Twitter as a “lots at stake”. A lot needs to be said and done, but it needs to be done “properly” she added.

Simon Cowell is now expecting his first child, which he seemingly revealed is a boy, with Lauren Silverman whom Cowell is apparently going to marry!

What do you think of the revelations? Do you feel sorry for Sinitta that her private medical history has leaked in the media in such a way? Let us know in the comments below.

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