Simon Cowell’s new dream home comes with its own brat in the form of Justin Bieber… oh dear!

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Does everyone remember all the news about Justin Bieber causing absolute havoc in the area that he lives? He even threw eggs at one mans house…

Yes well, Simon Cowell is reportedly eyeing up his dream house in the same area, so whilst he has a newborn baby to nurture, he’ll also have a little brat to contend with on the other side of the gate in the form of ‘Baby’ singer Justin Bieber.

Bieber, who turned 20 yesterday, has lived in the area for 18 months and has caused nothing but anarchy since he moved in. He’s egged one mans house, he’s been speeding up and down the streets and he’s even thrown reckless parties. I don’t think Simon Cowell has thought this through.

But then again, judging by the six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and huge cinema viewing room the house boasts, I wouldn’t be left thinking about it either.

Not only that, the home features a beauty salon for Lauren, a pool, basketball court, all the lawn you could ever wish for, an indoor sports bar, outdoor dining area, games room, garages, a gym and a sauna.

The house is apparently Simon’s dream home as he now wants to settle down as a father to his newborn baby boy, Eric, along with Lauren Silverman. Out with the bachelor pad, in with something more… dadsy!

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman

Cowell sold his Beverly Hills mansion earlier ths year for £12.5 million, which is £2.75m more than he originally bought it for. It is said that the X Factor boss has been looking for a new ‘family friendly’ place to live since before Eric was born.

However, one resident from the area has reportedly warned Simon Cowell not to move to the area, as Bieber is a little menace that will make his life a living hell, just as he has for them.

The Daily Star reports one resident as saying that they don’t think Cowell’s people realise Bieber lives in the neighbourhood, and if he does move there with his family, he should be made aware of the “non-stop menace” that is Bieber, who throws all night parties with his pals and terrorizes the town.

Anpther resident added: “Simon and his family would be very welcome here. Justin Bieber, on the other hand, is about as welcome as the plague”.

Speaking about Cowell’s house hunting agenda, one source said yesterday that he was very excited when the real estate sent him details of The Oaks estate, but nobody uttered that Justin Bieber would be his neighbor…

Simon, when can we come and visit? We’ll be good…

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