Sooo…Is Cheryl Cole returning to The X Factor this year? Maybe not!

by Nick Barnes
Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Katy

Ever since we found out that Sharon Osbourne and Gary Barlow wouldn’t be returning to The X Factor panel this year, the rumour mill has been in over drive over who will replace the pair. One name that has been consistently popping up is that of Cheryl Cole.

Over the past few months we’ve heard that she will be returning, she won’t be returning, the rumours are rubbish and so on and so forth, but the latest spanner in the works is that Cheryl doesn’t know whether returning to the show is the right thing to do or not.

Cheryl has reportedly had informal discussions with Simon Cowell about returning to The X Factor UK later this year but looking at her personal life whilst on the show, it didn’t exactly go in her favour. She divorced from Ashley Cole and contracted Malaria, both whilst working on The X Factor, so it’s said that she’s a little dubious about returning.

A source said: “She’s not sure whether taking the job is the right thing. Cheryl associates her last season there with a really hard time in her life and that’s her biggest mental hurdle.

“It was when she was going through divorce and had just had malaria. Although she loves the show, that season was really intense and hard work with her finalists.

Cheryl Cole

“Cheryl is in a good place – the best she’s ever been. Simon is after her but she’s having to do some real soul-searching to see if she really wants to throw herself back into the spotlight”.

Cheryl’s relationship with Simon Cowell went down the pan in 2011 when she was taken over to America to help launch the US version of the show. But, after just a couple days of filming, Cheryl was laid off by Cowell & co. She was left humiliated as it was set to be a big break in America for Cheryl.

In the end, Cheryl sued the production company behind The X Factor USA for a sum believed to be around £1.4 million.

Rita Ora, Dannii Minogue and Ollie Murs have all been linked to taking a spot on the X Factor judging panel when she show returns later this year. Louis Walsh is likely to return as he’s like a bad smell and Nicole Scherzinger hasn’t exactly ruled herself out, but it’s likely that she won’t return.

Nick Barnes

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  1. jerry lee on February 2, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Cheryl can do so much better than X Factor, she should tell Simon to get lost.

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