Take That’s Robbie Williams worries about Justin Bieber & One Direction’s Harry Styles!

by Lisa McGarry

robbie williams at 'X Factor' Italian TV Show

Robbie Williams has admitted that he is concerned about Justin Bieber.

The Take That star has experience the negative side of fame, over his three decade long career and he worries that the downwards spiral could soon affect the Canadian teen idol if he doesn’t have the right people watching out for him.

The ‘Candy’ hitmaker has recently turned his life around and has reinvigorated his career and settled down with his beautiful wife and new baby, however he experience his fair share of hard times, his battles with drugs and his addiction to alcohol and Robbie thinks some of these experiences are probably ‘inevitable’ for the ‘Baby’ singer too.

Williams told The Sun:

”There is a list longer than my arm of f*ck-ups. It’s inevitable that someone like Justin Bieber will hit a hard time. You hear about everybody going, ‘You’re sh*t’. And you go ‘f*ck, I’m sh*t, I’d better go and do something else’. And it gets to you.”

Awww having a daughter has been good for Rob, he sounds positively paternal here!

justin bieber

The ‘Let Me Entertain You’ singer also expressed concern for One Direction singer Harry Styles recently and admitted that he saw a lot of himself in the curly haired cutie.

He thinks he had it easier than the 19 year old star though, because technology has increased the spotlight on young stars these days.

“I feel a bit for Harry,” Rob added.

“At his age I was in this lilywhite boyband, Take That. But I was meeting up with mates, jumping out of the tour bus and into a Transit van at motorway service stations all around the country.

“It’s not a secret anymore but I would get off my face and have complete anonymity. No-one had a camera phone so I could go and enjoy myself properly. Harry is finding out it’s not so easy for him.”

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He continued:

“Everybody is a ladies’ man or a man’s man, whatever your persuasion might be. He’s just having a nice time.”

“Also, I’ve got a lot of love for him and One Direction.”

What do you think Justin fans and Directioners? Are Haz and Bieber about to go off the rails? Isn’t Robbie just lovely? Leave your comments below….

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