Taylor Swift ‘I drive myself crazy’ when writing new album – should One Direction’s Harry Styles be worried?

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Taylor Swift has revealed that she drives herself crazy when she’s working on writing a new album.

The US star is well known for being the queen of a good breakup song and she’s previously admitted that she bases a lot of her tunes on past experiences, relationships and heartbreak.

After she concludes her Red tour, Swift is starting work on her fifth album and as her last boyfriend was One Direction star Harry Styles, we have to wonder if he’s getting worried about now.

The ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ hitmaker admitted that she gets very intense and crazed when she’s working on new tracks, so much so that she often needs a long time off afterwards to recover.

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Swift isn’t quite ready to begin the challenging process just yet and told MTV news:

“I’m getting ready to start thinking about it. Because my record, it just came out and I’m trying to give my mind a second to like, ‘OK,’ because when I write a record, I write until I cannot write anymore, I drive myself crazy and then finally the album comes out and I give myself a few months off so I’m still in that time.”

As well as a new album, Taylor is also set to release her third fragrance and she claimed that the perfume will very much embody who she is as an artist.

The ‘Everything Changes’ singer was speaking at the Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York earlier this week and said that her third fragrance, Taylor by Taylor Swift, very much reflects her personality. She said:

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“For me, it’s sort of who I am and embodies my personality and my style.”

Swift revealed that each of her scents have been based on where her music career stands and explained:

“There’s been a sort of progression between fantasy and reality, and I think this perfume just follows that progression. It would take place in my day-to-day life if that makes sense.”

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