Taylor Swift reveals her ‘long term relationship’ and it’s not with One Direction’s Harry Styles!

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Taylor Swift is a bit of a serial dater and has left a whole string of failed relationships and ex boyfriends in her wake.

The ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ hitmaker may be most famous for her catchy pop / country tunes, but she’s also pretty well known for her tendency to date famous men, break up with them and then pen a song about the split. It’s her thing.

Tay Tay has revealed this week that there is one long term relationship that she’s managed to maintain though, but it’s not with a human being.

Swifty finds it easier to be committed to her pet cat and has been gushing about the Scottish Fold feline, Meredith and revealing that she would rather stay in with her cute owl like pussy than hit the town with with her pet.

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She said: ”Meredith is such a cute cat – she looks like an owl. She’s so chilled out. She’s not impressed by anything. It’s the one long-term relationship that I’ve had.

”I don’t carry her in a purse or take her out to restaurants or anything like that, though. I’m not that kind of cat owner.”

Taylor does a LOT of touring, so we’re not sure just how much free time she has to spend with her feline friend, however we know that she could probably use a comforting night with little Meredith, as it’s been a tumultuous few months for the US star.

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She was involved in what looked like a hot and heavy relationship with Harry Styles for around six weeks, but the intense romance fizzled out last month during a holiday in the Caribbean. The pair split and she later mocked her ex at The Grammys, before going on to snub him at The Brits.

Haz is perhaps better off without the blonde beauty, as instead of partying and living the high life, she prefers to stay at home and watch weird cat videos instead.

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She told Top of the Pops magazine: ”I also like watching YouTube videos of kittens and the app CatPaint, where you add cats to photographs. I CatPaint all my pictures.”

Taylor may prefer cats, but we kind of like the goat version of her latest single. Have a watch of the hilarious video and leave your comments below….

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