The Reason were So Unique on X Factor 1

by Lisa McGarry

The Reason were seen impressing the judges on last week’s X Factor episode and it has emerged that this wasn’t their first shot at fame on the iTV show.

The four piece group, consisting of friends Scott White, Glenn Vine, Nathan Rawlings and Marc Higgins were featured on last Saturday’s show when they wowed the judges with Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love.

Simon Cowell told them:

I like the fact that you did nothing more than sing the song. You’ve worked out the harmonies really well, its’ a clever song, you sounded in tune, you actually sound really good. The less is more with a group like you. The only issue is if you got through and Louis was looking after you, you kow what would happen. It would be suits, bow ties and Could It Be Magic.

But the music mogul wasn’t so keen when he saw them at bootcamp during the first series of the talent show. Back then the boys went by the name of So Unique and based their look on that of Bros. They didn’t make it to the live shows and a pal told The Sun:

“They did quite well in the first ever X Factor – the judges were quite positive about them.

“But their look was dreadful. They thought it was cool but it was a bit naff.

“I think Simon Cowell thought they were trying a bit hard so gave them the shove.

“Let’s face it, for them not to get through when Steve Brookstein did – and won – tells you all you need to know.”

Band member Mark said that they are hoping to become the first successful manband on the show and are striving to become more credible than they were the first time round. He said:

“To certain people it’s embarrassing to like boybands. We want to be credible.”

Lisa McGarry

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