The Vaccines & The Jacksons writing songs for One Direction!

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It seems that almost everyone in the music business – except Jake Bugg and Ben Howard perhaps – wants to work with One Direction right now.

The lads are big news right now and rightfully so, after all they boast the third and fourth best selling albums in the world in 2012. Not a bad achievement for a band thats only been together for two and a half years.

This week The Jacksons (yes! the real life brothers of Michael Jackson) have admitted that the lads from 1D remind them very much of themselves when they were younger and revealed that they have penned some tracks for their new album.

Jackie Jackson and his three brothers are currently touring the UK and it seems that despite massive age gap between the bands, the older men are very much award of the 1D phenomenon and their talent.

One Direction in US charts

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jackie said: “Those boys remind me of ourselves so much when we were younger. I got some songs for them to record too so we’ll be in touch (with them) real soon.”

The Jacksons are also hard at work on some new material of their own and they’ve revealed that even their sister Janet will be involved in their soon to be premiered collaborations.

“The rest of the family are involved, too. There will be some collaborations. Janet will be on the record, too, and our youngest brother Randy will return in the future as well,” Jackie added.


It’s not just The Jacksons that want a bit of the 1D pie either, as The Vaccines have revealed that they ave already penned some ‘interesting’ songs for the boy band.

The men talked about their studio time with Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson while they were being interviewed on the red carpet of the NME Awards on Wednesday, and confirmed that they have penned some tracks with the X Factor stars.

“It was a really interesting creative process, writing with pretty much the biggest pop band on the planet,” frontman Justin Young told BBC Newsbeat. “It was a very different world and very different process – that was one of the reasons I wanted to do it. I really enjoyed it.”

The Vaccines insisted that the fab fivesome did contribute to the songwriting process and are very involved in their own music, adding:

“I felt like I took so much from doing it. I’ve always said I love pop music and how much I want to write pop music.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that. They do indeed contribute.”

Take that Jake Bugg!

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