The Voice 2013: Tom Jones blasts vocally challenged X Factor judges… Tulisa Contostavlos perhaps?

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Tom Jones wasn’t holding back in a recent interview he gave about the new series of The Voice, in which he criticised the talent – or lack thereof – of his X Factor rivals.

The Welsh singer has been in the music industry for decades and performed with greats such as Elvis Presley and Robbie Williams, so he knows talent when he sees it and speaking to The Daily Star he’s pretty sure that some of the X Factor judges are distinctly lacking in this field.

Sir Tom refused to name any names – though a fair portion of Twitter users seem to think he was talking about Tulisa Contostavlos – and he admitted that he is disappointed when he watches some of the ITV panellists perform. He wonders how they can mentor hopeful singers, if they can’t sing well themselves and explained:

”It is ­disappointing when you see a judge and they are a ­performer and they can’t even sing,

”I can’t mention any names. But sometimes they get up and do a thing and I think ‘How the hell are you going to get up and do a thing in front of these people, let alone coach?’

tom jones

”I’ve seen that and I disagree with it. That makes our show more credible because we are not TV personalities. We are all performers.”

His co-star Jessie J agreed and admitted that she thinks a vocal show without really vocal experts isn’t doing it’s job.

The ‘Domino hitmaker added:

jessie j the voice

”I always say you wouldn’t go to a plumber to learn how to drive.

”I can teach someone how to sing a song because that’s what I do. I shouldn’t be afraid to be good at it.

”I think it’s disappointing when you see these people doing these jobs on TV and they aren’t ­credible. I think it’s misleading”

The Voice’s 2013 series begins on Saturday 30th May on BBC One. We have loads of spoilers and teasers of the new hopefuls including lookalike Matt Henry, nervous singer Kirsty Crawford, stunning hopeful Leanne Jarvis, West End star Liam Tamne, Shayne Ward’s cousin Mike Ward, visually impaired singer Andrea Begley and Ash Morgan which you can read just by following the links in their names.

Watch the latest teaser and leave your comments below….

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