The Voice: Cheryl Cole is cooking for and tells him to stop name dropping! may have been the main man when Cheryl Coel took herself off to America last year, arranging studio time for the former Girls Aloud star and setting her up with some big name collaborators but it seems now that the stunning singer is on home turf, she is taking control of their relationship.

Now that will is spending more time in the UK, as he leads his team of five singers into live stages of The Voice this weekend, insiders have reported that Chez is not only helping him househunt, but she has also been providing her pal with some home comforts.

The former X Factor judge has been close to the US star for a number of years, ever since she worked on one of his solo singles and he then helped her out by guesting on her track ‘3 Words.’

She late took the Black Eyed Peas star on as her manager and is planning to release her latest single ‘Call My Name’ in just a few weeks time. But before she begins all her promo for that, she is spending her time cooking up a storm for her American pal.

A source told The Sun: ‘ loves the food. It makes a change from backstage catering, restaurants and hotels.

‘Cheryl has always been interested in food but recently started taking it seriously. It’s a way to unwind.’

Meanwhile, other insiders say Cole isn’t just helping Will out in the kitchen, she’s also giving him style advice and tips on how to win over the British public.

‘She’s giving him advice on everything, from his manner to his appearance,’ a source told Reveal magazine.

‘She told him to cut back on the name-droping, as it may work in America but it doesn’t go down well over here. And she’s given him loads of tips on how to adjust his performance for a British audience. ‘

It seems that it was Chez’s idea for him to cry on the show too and the insider added:

‘Cheryl’s also suggested that he should show more empathy and not be afraid of showing emotion on the show. And she’s delighted with the results.’

Cheryl will be appearing on Radio One tomorrow morning, promoting her new single and album. Will you be tuning in?

Lisa McGarry

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