The X Factor 2017 live shows to undergo major shake-up with week-long live final?

X Factor 2016 judges

It has today been reported that The X Factor’s live shows could undergo a major shake-up when the series returns to our screens later this year.

When The X Factor returns in August it will be on its 14th series, and over the past few years the execs have tried various different tactics to bring viewers in. Over the years, The X Factor has continued to lose viewers year on year, and although the ratings aren’t exactly rock bottom, execs are keen on trying to switch things up.

So, what better place to look than Simon Cowell’s very own Britain’s Got Talent? Yes, seriously… it has been reported by The Sun that the top dogs are looking at taking inspiration from Britain’s Got Talent’s live shows and applying it to The X Factor. Britain’s Got Talent is a ratings winner with viewers, and bosses believe it could be down to the fact that the live shows don’t go on for weeks and weeks.

Now, reports suggest that bosses are looking at potentially implementing a similar style of live shows to The X Factor. There will be fewer live shows, but enough for viewers to get to know the contestants, before one big week-long live finale, much like Britain’s Got Talent, culminating with the winner being announced. Bosses are worried that viewers may have become bored with the current live show format, in which they have to be committed for weeks and weeks.

A source sad: “The X Factor executives feel it needs a shake-up with big changes to the format. They have been discussing having just a few weeks of live shows – so people get to know the singers – and then one big finals week. They think viewers would prefer one week of great TV, with star performances. BGT is a huge success, so they could take inspiration from worse places”.

The thing with such a massive and major change is that if it doesn’t work, there’s probably no going back and it could be the final nail in the coffin for The X Factor. They can’t really go making such a big change, and if it doesn’t work revert back to the previous way.

It’s safe to say that the execs want to do everything they can to try to not only secure the ratings without any more decline, but if possible, boost the ratings. Although the figures aren’t exactly abysmal right now, they’re a far cry from where they used to be in the early days. The format seems to be flagging and people have switched off and now there seems to be a crisis about how on earth the execs are going to keep the show from hitting rock bottom.

We think a lot of it is down to having a great panel of judges and fantastic contestants. On a show like The X Factor, the contestants are obviously key and people want to see amazing artists. We’re worried such a major change won’t work, and if it doesn’t work, well… it could be the final nail.


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  1. Jesus Christ Maria Magdalena on March 12, 2017 at 12:59 pm

    People have got bored of it being fixed and the fake judges. Change all old judges and let the best singers make life shows… That’s the fking key to the success. Why they can’t see this ffs? Stupid bosses

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