Tom Felton, Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio & Vin Diesel for new One Direction movie?

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The One Direction lads have only just released their first movie, but already they are casting their eyes forward to their next big screen project.

This Is Us opened in movie theatres around the UK, America and France on 29th August, a fact you wouldn’t be able to escape if you followed the X Factor stars on Twitter. It’s all they’ve posted about for days.

Rightly so we suppose, after all how many twenty something year old lads get a film made about their lives?

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson were followed by cameras for months as they performed around the world, went home to visit their families and attended a whole plethora of star studded events. However, for their next movie they’d rather have Hollywood A listers playing their roles, rather than film the whole thing themselves.

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Niall revealed that if a movie was made about 1D, he’d like Harry Potter actor Tom Felton to portray him, probably because of the blonde hair we’d imagine.

Luckily for him Tom got wind of the news and tweeted Niall saying:

“@NiallOfficial I’m in…..when do we start shooting @benwinston ?? Have a good night boys x”

Horan was delighted and replied:

“Next week maybe mate hahaha.”

In an interview with Yahoo Liam admitted that he would go for someone a little more buff to fit in with his new, very manly, image and he wants Iron Man himself to take on his personality.

”I’d go for Robert Downey Jr. mate, what a geezer,” he laughed.

Zayn thinks only Fast & Furious actor Vin Diesel could portray him accurately though we think Malik would need to beef up or Vin would have to shed some serious pounds if that was ever to happen, while Harry Styles wants Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp to do him justice. First he’d have to give him his soap back though!

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Harry said:”I’d go Johnny Depp. He’d make you look cool even if you weren’t.”

Louis sees big similarities between himself and Titanic hunk Leonardo DiCaprio and teased:

”Well I love Leonardo Dicaprio. I think he’s sick, so I’ll go with that.”

Never let go Eleanor, never let go!

What do you think 1D fans? Who would you cast in a One Direction biopic? Leave your comments below…

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