Treyc Cohen uproar may have lost Cheryl Cole American X Factor job

by Lisa McGarry

Insiders say that Cheryl Cole’s weak will and desire to be ‘nice’ may have ruined her chances of landing a judging role on the American X Factor.

The ‘Promise This’ singer caused uproar on Sunday night’s results show, when she refused to choose between her acts Treyc Cohen and Katie Waissel, who both found themselves in the sing off.

TV executives, who had reportedly been considering Cole for a prominent role on Simon Cowell’s new show, were said to be disappointed by her pussyfooting and her failure to make a hard decision.

The Daily Star quote one as saying:

“You’ve got to be tough to cut it over here.”

A TV insider added: “There’s no pussy-footing around in America.

“It’s dog eat dog and we can’t have someone weak on the panel.

“We understand that Cheryl gets close to her acts but this is business. Why spend millions hiring someone who can’t execute the role properly?”

It has been reported that a much more likely contender for the judging role will be Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Simon drafted Nicole in a as guest judge on the UK series, to replace pregnant Dannii Minogue at the Manchester auditions. However days before her stint, Cheryl Cole fell ill with malaria and the stunning brunette stayed on to assist Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh at bootcamp too.

The music mogul was impressed with her attitude and connection with contestants and in an interview with X Magazine admitted:

“Nicole was in a very difficult situation in Manchester when everyone knew Cheryl was ill. They can be a tough crowd and a lot of them turned up because they wanted to see Cheryl. But what was amazing was how quickly everyone warmed to Nicole. By the end they absolutely loved her.”

On Nicole’s chance of joining Cowell’s new show, a TV insider added:

“I would be very shocked if Cheryl landed the job. It’s looking more and more likely it will be Nicole.

“The simple fact is US telly fans have never heard of Cheryl.

“And the backlash over Sunday’s results won’t have done her any favours.”

Lisa McGarry

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