Tulisa joins One Direction & Harry Styles fans and warns Taylor Swift “Never mock my lad!!”

by Lisa McGarry

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Tulisa Contostavlos has come over all protective all of a sudden and has sent a shot across the bow to Taylor Swift this week.

A few days ago the US star publicly mocked her ex boyfriend Harry Styles at The Grammy Awards, and the X Factor judge was not happy at all. If we were Swifty we’d be getting worried right about now, as that Tulisa one is not a girl to be messed with.

As we previously reported the ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ star opened the awards ceremony with a performance of her recent hit single ‘ We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ in front of not only the venue audience, but millions of viewers worldwide.

At the end of the performance, for the spoken section of the track, the blonde beauty faked a British accent and said: “So he calls me up and he’s like ‘I still love you’ and I’m sorry, I’m busy opening up the Grammys. We are never getting back together. Like, ever.”

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It was reported yesterday that Haz was livid with his ex and it took all the efforts of his One Direction bandmates to stop him retaliating.

Thankfully he has The Female Boss on his side and Tulisa took to her Instagram account to post a screen shot of a Google search of news which mentions Tay Tay’s mocking of the 1D hunk. She included the caption:

“Never mock my lad!!”

We always thought Contostavlos was closer to Nialler…..who knew?

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Tulisa also shared a fake picture of Harry on the phone with Taylor, with the caption:

“So she calls me and up she’s like…” while the image of Taylor bares the statement: “I still stalk you.”

Fans loved her defence of their idol and one tweeted:

“what Tulisa did to stand up to Taylor for Harry was the nicest thing ever”

Styles is taking the high road for now and has ignored the whole matter online, instead taking to Twitter to post about a recent injury and some ancient history.

The star had a bit of a mishap this morning and tweeted:

harry styles hot

“Deep Heat in my eye. GAAAHHHH”

That sounds painful! To distract himself he must have engaged in a bit of light reading as he added:

“Socrates, born in Athens in the 5th century BCE, marks a watershed in Ancient Greek philosophy.”


What do you think of Tulisa’s defence of our lovely Harry? Leave your comments below and of course, just in case you’re not angry enough, why not take the time to watch Taylor’s snub again!

Lisa McGarry

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