Union J’s George Shelley talks bullies: ‘I got bullied a lot, but I had the last laugh’

by Nick Barnes

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George Shelley, member of amazing boyband Union J has spoken out about his life at school, and it wasn’t as pretty as one would hope.

Unfortunately, as many others will have experienced, George had to deal with bullies on a daily basis at school due to his weight, and the only person to step in was his big brother.

Speaking to The Mirror, the singer revealed that although he was bullied at the age of 13, the ultimate middle finger to his bullies is the success he has had over the past couple of years.

He fessed up: “I was chubby as a kid. In fact, I went to the doctor’s once and he said I was clinically obese. At 13 I was getting bullied at school a lot and my brother was the only one to protect me.

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“He is nothing like me. He is really cool, big and muscly. If I got bullied he would have a word and it would stop. When he left [to join the Marines] it was so tough. I would cry about it all the time”.

Oh God, someone pass us the tissues… But, even though he had testing times as a teenager, he pulled on through and he is now part of a very successful boyband who are only in their infancy stage. Union J have a lot of room to grow and have a lot of potential – I bet those bullies are kicking themselves now.

He continued: “After all the success I’ve had with Union J it’s a huge middle finger up to everyone who bullied me. On Facebook, all these kids I was at school with want to be my mate and I’m like, ‘You used to bully me and beat me up!’”

That’s right George, Stick it to ‘em!

Nick Barnes

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