Union J’s JJ Hamblett was “really nervous” about telling the lads that he was going to be a daddy & a topless Harry Styles parades around backstage in Perth

by Nick Barnes


Union J’s JJ Hamblett has opened up about his fear of becoming a father for the first time with girlfriend, Caterina Lopez.

It was revealed earlier this month that the singer is expecting his first child as he told the world via Twitter he was going to be a daddy! However, he had reservations about how the lads were going to react.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said that he knew “for a few months” before he told his fellow bandmates as he was “really nervous about telling people”.

He told the tabloid: “It was a massive surprise. I did panic because we weren’t trying and it came as a big shock. But, I think everything happens for a reason so now I can’t wait.

“I was really nervous about telling people. I was terrified because I wasn’t sure how people would feel. I’d already known for a few month before I told the boys.

“I didn’t want to keep it a secret but I wanted it to be the right time. I didn’t want to tell them straight after the first single and them start panicking”.

However, he had nothing to worry about as he has had nothing but support from Jaymi Hensley, George Shelley and Josh Cuthbert.

union j

“But they’ve all been great,” he revealed “I think George is more excited than I am because he loves his cuddles so much”.

JJ is hoping for a Christmas baby as Caterina is currently six month pregnant. However, JJ has revealed that the couple have chosen not to know the sex of the baby as they “wanted it to be a surprise” – what a Christmas present that will be!

“There are no plans to get married either. It hasn’t even been a topic of conversation. I just want to concentrate on being a good dad and working hard in the band,” he went on to explain.

Meanwhile, a rare creature has been seen stalking around backstage at an arena in Perth, Australia. The creature was topless at the time and is known to the locals as a… Harry Styles!

Yes, that’s right. Harry Styles has been parading around with no shirt on again in an Instagram video posted on the official One Direction account.


We have always wondered what downtime backstage at the tour stops involved… dare we say, we’ve wanted to be a fly on the wall for some time.

However, when the video surfaced on Instagram we were a tad shocked. It looks like Harry and Zayn enjoy grooving around to 80s classics… especially Harry as he felt the need to have no shirt on.. again!

Check out the video, below!

Nick Barnes

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