X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd is tired of everybody being ‘so serious’

X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd has admitted that she isn’t feeling pressured about tomorrow night’s live show.

The 17 year old said that she isn’t nervous about her performance of an ‘American Anthem,’ adding that she is fed up with ‘everything being so serious.’

Cher told The Mirror:

“I don’t really look at it as pressure… I look at it as I’ll do as well as I do, really.

“I’m tired of everything being so serious. It doesn’t need to be so serious, because when you’re not enjoying yourself you do a rubbish performance. So I’m just going to enjoy myself and do the best that I can do!”

She added:

“I’ve done it like a million times.

“I practiced it way before I started The X Factor so it sort of came naturally. When you’re committed to doing this and you want it as a career, you get a song and you can learn it in 10 minutes.”

“When it comes down to music, it’s all in my control. Nobody else can put their foot in at all… you watch me on a Saturday night and I will smash it.”

In her official video diary, Cher also admitted that she is happy the judges changed the theme of tomorrow’s show from rock to American anthems. She said:

We’ve just had the note that our theme for this week has been changed. I’d like to say that I’m really, really nervous, that I’m having a bit of a struggle but actually I’m very very happy with the change because I was scared about the first theme.

I’ve just been given my song and I cannot wait. It’s not a permanent thing with that whole ‘Stay’ song, that was just to prove a point…..that I can actually sing. But I’m going to bring it back a little bit. I’ll sing a bit more but I’ll do some fun stuff as well.

If you want to know what Cher and her fellow finalists will be signing on Saturday then have a look at our songlist here.

Lisa McGarry

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