X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell didn’t like Cher Lloyd’s copycat version of ‘Empire State of Mind’ (VIDEO)

Cher Lloyd went back to her rapping roots on tonight’s X Factor show.

For her American Anthem, the 17 year old singer took on ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Alicia Keys and Jay Z and speaking earlier in the week, she admitted that she was excited about ‘bringing it back’ saying:

I’ve just been given my song and I cannot wait. It’s not a permanent thing with that whole ‘Stay’ song, that was just to prove a point…..that I can actually sing. But I’m going to bring it back a little bit. I’ll sing a bit more but I’ll do some fun stuff as well.

Cher started the song sitting on a glossy black piano centre stage. It was slow paced to begin with but improved drastically when she started into the rap segment. We don’t think the track showcased Cher’s vocals very well, in fact she often sounded shaky and weak but we did enjoy her energy and the fact that she wasn’t distracted by the huge stage production.

Judges Comments:

Louis Walsh: Last week you stole the show with your singing. Tonight I loved the whole styling and staging. You could be in the final.

Dannii Minogue: You look so fresh tonight and that song could have written for you. If you could find writers to write that style for you it would be incredible. I really liked it.

Simon Cowell: Any other week i would call that an incredible performance but after last week I’m a little disappointed. Last week was 100% original this was a little bit copycat. I’m not blaming you but in the standard of the competition this year, to make the final you’ve got to be more original. I think your mentor got a little bit lazy.

Cheryl Cole: We found the perfect balance. You’re credible you do rap and I want to thank the people that are supporting you out there.

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Lisa McGarry

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