X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd wows with her haunting vocal on ‘Stay’ (VIDEO)

In her official video diary this week, X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd promised to shock her haters, with her vocal skills. Speaking to ITV.com the 17 year old said:

“This weekend’s going to be a massive shock and I hope everyone is prepared for it because everyone is used to me being a bad girl rapper.

“I’m going to twist it up a bit and prove to the other people that maybe haven’t liked me as much as my supporters have, to think that actually I’m an alright singer.”

Tonight Cher looked much more feminine with her gently waved hair, dyed almost the same colour of red as her mentor Cheryl Cole’s. She was alone, onstage with just a spotlight shining on her.

Good Points:

Her haunting vocal. Why hasn’t Cher showcased these pipes before? She sings 100 times better than we ever would have expected her to.

Her dress: We loved the goth dress and staging tonight.

Her emotion: we loved that she was so invested in the sing that it brought her to tears.

Bad Points:

None, this is the best performance Cher has given to date. We loved it!


Louis Walsh: Cher I don’t know why you’re crying, this was an absolutely incredible performance and tonight you proved that you really can sing, you’re not just a one trick pony rapper. That was probably the best performance of the night.

Dannii Minogue: Cher there are a couple of performers tonight that have taken the theme and not made it gimmicky and you’re definitely one of them. That was a beautiful performance. What I loved about it was that you’ve come out with a fighting spirit every week but you brought your vulnerability to the stage tonight.

Simon Cowell I don’t agree with Louis, I don’t think that was the performance of the night. I think it was the performance of the entire season. Because you are special, you proved a point this week, you’re not somebody who just does one thing. You’re only 17 years old and that performance, by any standard, was absolutely incredible. My only criticism is that obviously Cheryl is trying to turn you into her.

Cheryl Cole: That was obviously emotional but you put every single emotion into it and we all felt it and here’s the moment the nation gets to hear you sing. You can really really sing, it was epic, it was beautiful and I’m so proud of you tonight.

Lisa McGarry

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