X Factor 2010: Cher Lloyd’s traveller past revealed

Cher Lloyd’s uncle has revealed that the singer comes from a long line of travellers and has overcome many hardships to win her place on The X Factor.

Jessy Smith, revealed that Cher was just four months old when she and her brother Darren were taken to live on the road. He told The Mirror:

“They had very little. It was a hard, dangerous life.

“Cher must be one in a million. You never see a traveller doing well on TV, let alone become a pop star.

“From the age of two all she wanted to do was sing. Now she’s just the same as any other teenager.”

Cher’s maternal grandmother Liz was a Romany and her family had been travellers for generations before her. Liz raised her eight children in a caravan, but was later forced to accept council accommodation when she gave birth to Cher’s mum, Diane.

Jessy added: “It was hard for them [Diane and Darren]. They had very little money and travellers were not accepted.

“After nearly a year on the road, Cher and her parents moved back in with gran Liz. They later got a two-bedroom flat in Malvern.

“I wouldn’t call Cher a Romany because she hasn’t spent all her life in a caravan. But she knows where she’s from and accepts it. At times she’s had to put up with kids calling her ‘gypo’ and ‘pikey’.

“This sort of success just doesn’t happy to traveller families. If Cher wins I reckon I know the first thing she will do – buy her mum and dad a house of their own.”

Cher wowed Simon Cowell on Saturday night’s show, after he declared her rendition of ‘Stay’ as the best performance of the series. After her song Cowell said:

I don’t agree with Louis, I don’t think that was the performance of the night. I think it was the performance of the entire season. Because you are special, you proved a point this week, you’re not somebody who just does one thing. You’re only 17 years old and that performance, by any standard, was absolutely incredible.

Dannii Minogue added:

Cher there are a couple of performers tonight that have taken the theme and not made it gimmicky and you’re definitely one of them. That was a beautiful performance. What I loved about it was that you’ve come out with a fighting spirit every week but you brought your vulnerability to the stage tonight.

Lisa McGarry

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