X Factor 2010: Cheryl Cole flattered by ‘The Reason’ (formerly The WhiteVine RawHigs) (VIDEO)

Friends Scott White, Glenn Vine, Nathan Rawlings and Marc Higgins from Southhampton will be featured in tomorrow night’s X Factor show.

The band now named ‘The Reason’ but formerly known as The WhiteVine RawHigs, showed up to audition in London and told presenter Dermot O’Leary:

“JLS came so close and they’ve done so well since coming second on X Factor. It’s about time a band wins. We’ve got the talent, the look and sound to win. We’ve tried to be brave and original and do material that the judges and the public aren’t going to expect.”

The boys then walk onto the stage and tell the judges:

“We’re going to sing a song that Cheryl might know, Fight For This Love.”

A flattered Cheryl told the boys:

“I liked it I thought it was a good arrangement of the song. I like the song choice. It was quite nice that you came out and you were quite cool and you stood there and sang you didn’t jump from one end of the stage to the next. I really like it. I like you, I like your image. It was good.”

Boyband expert Louis Walsh added:

“It was a well thought out audition. I liked the fact you changed the song. The harmonies were spot on. It sounds like a real hit record to me.”

While an impressed Simon Cowell admitted:

“I think Cheryl was absolutely right when she said that when we get groups like you that come out with these ghastly dance routines which are all rehearsed and the adlibs are rehearsed, it’s all clichéd and I’ve seen it before, I actually just loose the will to live. I like the fact that you did nothing more than sing the song. You worked out the harmonies really well, it was a clever song. I haven’t seen a group like this in a while – just a vocal harmony group. Less is more with a group like you. The only issue is if you got through and Louis was looking after you…well you know what would happen.It would be suits, bow ties and Could It Be Magic. ”

Have the boys won the judges over with their version of Cheryl’s song? Tune in tomorrow night at 7.30 pm to find out. Until then, you can here the boys sing in the video clip below.

Lisa McGarry

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