X Factor 2010: Cheryl Cole is terrified that Simon Cowell will replace her!

We found it a bit strange that Cheryl Cole just happened to be snapped popping out for a coffee yesterday.

The star hadn’t been seen in weeks, after she fell ill and was hospitalised with malaria following a holiday in Tanzania. She made a return to the public eye as she visited Starbucks for a frappucino, but our first thought was “surely she has someone to do that for her?”

It turns out that our suspicions were correct and Cheryl no more needed a coffee than I need another pair of flip flops. The whole trip had been perfectly stage managed so that the X Factor judge could be pictured looking fit and well and Simon Cowell could see that he doesn’t need to replace her on the ITV show any longer.

An X Factor insider told The Daily Star: “Cheryl felt the need to prove she’s back and feeling fine after battling the illness that put her into intensive care.

“I mean popping out for coffee – when was the last time she popped out for a coffee?

“She has aides and family members to carry out her every whim.

“In reality Cheryl was just desperate to be seen out and get her picture in the paper to show fans she’s on the way back.

“Eventually it was agreed to let her go out in a bid to get her to calm down. More importantly, she wanted to send a message to Simon to make sure he doesn’t forget her, and also to remind Nicole that she’s just a stand-in and not to make herself too at home.”

But the insider added: “However the sad truth is that malaria takes a long time to get over and Cheryl – though looking well – is still a long way from being fully fit.”

Cheryl is said to have been distraught by the news that her X factor stand in, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, was so well received by the judges and public alike.

A source revealed: “She’s incredibly boisterous, at the second audition she was dancing on the table, laughing and chatting to everyone. Simon is loving her.”

The source confirmed: “Cheryl knows that no-one’s job is safe on X Factor.

“Simon and the producers are quite ruthless in changing things around and going with the flow. They always are looking for the next big thing. One year it was Dannii, then Cheryl, now it could be Nicole.

“That knowledge isn’t exactly helping improve Cheryl’s feeling of frustration at not being able to work.”

Lisa McGarry

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