X Factor 2010: Cheryl Cole says Matt Cardle had a bad week with Bleeding Love (VIDEO)

Matt Cardle took on the Leona Lewis ballad ‘Bleeding Love’ on tonight’s Halloween themed X Factor show.

It wasn’t a typical choice for a male singer but once again, Matt completely rocked the tune!

Good Points:

Matt’s smooth vocal with his signature falsetto in parts. We could listen to him all day

No hat! Yay, we may have actually seen the back of that awful green rag.

Bad Points:

Were there any? We don’t think so!


Louis Walsh: I’ve loved you from day one, I think you’re going to be in until the very very end. But I wasn’t as crazy about the song as other weeks. I love you, I love your vocal, I know Dannii still believes in you but I wasn’t as excited as last week.

Cheryl Cole: There is so much love out there for you Matt. That was a tough song for you to sing and I think you seemed a little defeated when you came out. But I don’t think it matters. Everybody loves you, I think girls fancy you, guys like you, you cross the board. But it was a bit of an off week.

Simon Cowell I also like you a lot Matt. It’s one of these nights tonight, I can feel the nerves in the air. It seemed like you and the song were having a punch up in the middle. You were afraid of the song, then you were doing your own thing. I liked that it wasn’t a copycat version, it wasn’t a karaoke. I actually think it was a smart choice of song and you will be here next week.

Dannii Minogue: I am dumbfounded that that’s not a strong week for you. I’m absolutely blown away with the other comments. You sang that incredibly, the notes in that were so extraordinary, I dare any other guy to sing that song. Did you guys arrive on broomsticks tonight? What is going on?

Lisa McGarry

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