X Factor 2010: Chloe Mafia (Chloe Heald) may lose daughter after street brawl

by Lisa McGarry

X Factor wannabe Chloe Mafia (real name Chloe Heald) may lose custody of her daughter Destiny, after she became involved in a brawl in front of the youngster.

Chloe, who was exposed in newspapers as being a £250 an hour prostitute, was featured on Saturday’s X Factor show, telling the judges:

“I’m here at X Factor because everywhere I go I don’t fit in properly anyway but I know the place I would really fit in is just on stage. Singing is my passion, it’s what I love to do, I know I can do it good.”

She sang Summertime and Underneath Your Clothes for the panel and after her performance Simon Cowell mused:

“I think that you are unprepared, but I actually think you’re talented. I actually think there is something there.”

Simon and Nicole put Chloe through to bootcamp, but she was later eliminated after she was reportedly discovered touting for clientèle, during the London based stage.

The Daily Star reports that despite claiming she had left her criminal past behind her because of her young child, on Monday night, the chavvy singer was posing for photos in the streets of Wakefield as two-year-old Destiny shivered. A passer-by shouted:

“Look at the state of you, dressed like that with your daughter out at this time.

“Get your daughter home, you little slag.”

Chloe attacked the heckler and the fight continued for fifteen minutes while the toddler watched

One social worker told the newspaper: “Taking a child out on a freezing night at such an hour is not acceptable behaviour.

“To then start brawling in front of her almost defies belief.”

Chloe is already at the centre of a custody battle with her ex-partner Ian, who wants to remove Destiny from her care. Insiders say that Chloe may just have given him the ammunition he needs.

Lisa McGarry

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