X Factor 2010: Chloe Victoria (Chloe Mafia) denies prostitute claims in bid to win boyfriend back

by Lisa McGarry

X Factor hopeful Chloe Victoria (AKA Chloe Mafia) is reportedly trying to win back her boyfriend and insisting that she is not a prostitute.

The Wakefield girl, who was exposed in newspapers as being a £250 an hour callgirl, was featured on Saturday’s X Factor show, telling the judges:

“I’m here at X Factor because everywhere I go I don’t fit in properly anyway but I know the place I would really fit in is just on stage. Singing is my passion, it’s what I love to do, I know I can do it good.”

She sang Summertime and Underneath Your Clothes for the panel and after her performance Simon Cowell mused:

“I think that you are unprepared, but I actually think you’re talented. I actually think there is something there.”

Chloe made it through to bootcamp but was eliminated before judges houses and in an interview with X magazine, she admitted that The Sun’s sleazy exposé and all the attention since auditioning for the show has destroyed her life.

“It ruined my life,” she continued. “I split up with my boyfriend because of it. I haven’t seen my mum for ages because I don’t even want to go back to Wakefield. I haven’t been back since. Up there everyone knows me. People are still thinking that it’s true. I had to get my mum to come down to London just so I could see her.”

A pal of Chloe’s former boyfriend Ian, who is also father to her 20 month old daughter Destiny, told The Mirror that the singer is now denying that she ever worked as a call girl. The friend said:

“What they’ve said about Chloe has devastated all Ian’s family but she’s told them none of it’s true. They’re all over her and really want them to get back together.

“The pair have been talking about sorting things out. They want to be a proper family again.

“But he doesn’t know what to make of the allegations. He was shocked.

“She’s told him she was a dancer not a prostitute but she cried her eyes out and said it was all wrong.”

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Lisa McGarry

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