X Factor 2010: Chloe Victoria Mafia (yes the call girl!) makes it to bootcamp (VIDEO)

by Lisa McGarry

After months of speculation, Chloe Victoria (AKA Chloe Mafia) finally made her X Factor appearance tonight and told presenter Dermot O’Leary:

“I’m a full time yummy mummy.”

The former Snog Marry Avoid contestant was outed in The Sun as a prostitute last month. She added:

“I’m here at X Factor because everywhere I go I don’t fit in properly anyway but I know the place I would really fit in is just on stage. Singing is my passion, it’s what I love to do, I know I can do it good.”

“To me image is really, really important so even if it’s just to answer the door to takeaway anything, it takes at least 3 hours to get ready. I think I’m definitely what the judges are looking for, there’s no one out there like me. I act like a star, sing like a star, dance like a star, dress like a star, I’m the recipe for the star.

“I don’t want to be a person that lives and dies and that’s it and no one would know who you are. Even after I’m dead I still want to be remembered. I’m going to blow them judges away big time today.”

Chloe sported what looked like spider lashes on her eyes and sang Summertime for the panel. She failed to impress Simon Cowell, who allowed her to then sing Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira instead. She RUINED that track and Cowell stopped her after only two lines saying:

‘She would be a nightmare to work with.’

Judges Comments:

Louis: “It’s just not working. It’s just not working cos you’re totally unprepared for the audition. I am going to say no.”

Nicole: “Chloe I don’t know if you’ve convinced me that you really care about this so much, that you really want it. I think you are a beautiful girl and with your age and everything, I would like to see more you underneath all of this. It’s hard because I believe in you okay but today I was not impressed…I’m going to give you a shot and I say yes.

Simon: “Chloe shut up a second and just listen, I think that you have screwed things up. I think that you are unprepared, but I actually think you’re talented. I actually think there is something there.”

Much to Louis’ disgust, Chloe made bootcamp. It’s a strange day, when Walsh is the most sensible judge in the room!

We are hoping and praying she doesn’t make the live shows. Do you think Chloe deserved the chance? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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