X Factor 2010: Dannii Minogue thinks she can win with the boys

by Lisa McGarry

On last night’s X Factor show we saw Dannii Minogue finding out that she would be mentoring the boys category on this year’s series and in an interview with X magazine, she admitted that she is confident she can win in December.

Speaking about the moment when the producers revealed who she would be working with, the Australian star said:

“I was so, so excited. There’s a feeling this is a great category. I’ve been away, thinking if I do this, I want to jump back in. I want to be full on 100% and this is the category to do it with.”

Adding that she has a ‘good chance’ of winning with the male finalists, Dannii said:

“You’ve got to go in thinking you’re going to win. And then give it your best shot, It’s such a long race to the finish line, and some of my friends think they can pick the winners from show one, but I don’t think you can. I think I have a good chance with my category.”

Dannii also admitted that this year’s judges houses stage was the ‘toughest yet’, because she had to choose from eight acts, instead of the normal six. She said:

“It was a big occasion, welcoming everyone to my home country. But, instead of having six contestants put through I had eight, and I can only have three [through to the live finals], so I went to bed every night knowing I had to say so many nos the next day. And I was thinking that after that, they had to get on a 24 hour flight home. I know how that feels. You’re thinking this one has so much charisma and confidence, another contestant doesn’t know who he is or who he wants to be, but as a mentor do I want someone I can mould, or do I want someone who’s going to say I’m going to do what I’m going to do anyway? It was the toughest decision out of all of the years.”

Minogue also revealed that she never spoke to Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh or Cheryl Cole about her category, because she didn’t want their judgements of the singers to colour hers. She revealed:

“I wanted to go in fresh. I mean, the crew all have people they like, and will tell me but I have to imagine myself walking out on stage on show one with three people that I’m completely committed to.”

You can read Dannii’s full interview in X magazine, out tomorrow.

Lisa McGarry

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