X Factor 2010: Gamu Nhengu claims Cheryl Cole isn’t racist

Gamu Nhengu may not be happy with Cheryl Cole’s X Factor choices this year, but the Zimbabwean teenager has denied claims that the ‘Promise This’ singer may be racist.

Speaking to The News Of The World, Gamu insisted that Cheryl wouldn’t have supported Alexandra Burke, or married Ashley Cole if race was an issue for her.

She said:

“Cheryl picked Alexandra Burke. She was married to Ashley Cole. Rebecca is mixed race. Race did not even come into my mind at all.”

However, Nehngu did admit that she was totally shocked when Cole chose Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd over her at judges houses. She said:

“I just heard her say no and everything went blurry after that. I was absolutely shocked. I thought I’d really done myself justice.

“I thought I was a sure bet. I don’t want to be big-headed but after watching the previous shows I thought I would be through.

“I was devastated. It’s a hard thing to take. But I couldn’t be angry at Cheryl.”

Describing the two day stay in Cheryl’s English mansion, Gamu added:

“We do two performances on the day, one at a time.”

“We couldn’t watch each other’s performances but we sat in a nearby room.

“We knew Cher wasn’t going to be able to perform. She was OK when we went but the day before the performances she came down with tonsilitis.

“It was painful to even see her speak. She was so upset because she really, really wanted it. Katie was really upset about how she performed. It was her second song and she kept saying, ‘I just broke down.’

“I was happy with my performance. I did Norah Jones’ Don’t Know Why and Pixie Lott’s Cry Me Out. Only the second one was screened. Some of the production crew told me after they really thought I was going to get through.”

Lisa McGarry

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