X Factor 2010: Is Cher Lloyd a bully?

After insiders claimed that Cher Lloyd was the victim of vicious bullies at her last school, a former classmate of the X Factor finalist has insisted that nothing could be further from the truth.

A recent article reported that Lloyd was victimised at school and was even at the centre of a humiliating happy slapping incident, which saw a video of her being hit, being circulated around her peers.

However Opehlia Blakeway told The Sun that singer is not quite as innocent as she may seem, and claimed that Lloyd repeatedly bullied her between 2006 and 2008.

The 17 year old said: “”I want people to hear the truth about what Cher was like.”Everyone is making her sound like an angel but she caused me a lot of pain.

“I’ve had problems ever since. I’m still trying to get over depression. I had counselling, I cried, I was self-harming. It’s not nice because I have the scars.”

Blakeway claimed that Cher made the most of the fact that her mum walked on on their family when she was just three.

She said: “It was always a weak point and [Cher] said I must have been a disappointment to my mum.”

“What people are saying about her being fragile is nonsense. She’s stubborn and strong.”

“Cher and all her mates were always up for a fight – she has been in a lot of fights…….She had control over them. They were scared of her.”

Talking about a rumoured catfight that led to her suspension from school, Cher said in a previous interview:

“There have been times when maybe I haven’t behaved as well as I should have done. I’ve made mistakes but everyone deserves a second chance.”

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Lisa McGarry

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