X Factor 2010: Judges will choose four wildcards for live shows

X Factor boss Simon Cowell has reportedly decided to introduce an extra four ‘wildcard’ contestants to this year’s series.

Tomorrow night we will see the judges deliberate over their eight acts and whittle them down to just three, who will progress to the live shows. Both Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue will cry as they make their choices but after they send their rejects home, Simon Cowell will offer a lifeline to one act from each category.

Insiders revealed that along with the final twelve, chosen at judges houses, Louis, Simon, Cheryl and Dannii will be allowed to bring back one hopeful each, who’s dreams they previously crushed. The returning contestants may even go on to win the show!

A senior show source told The Daily Star:

“Simon had been thinking about playing wild cards for a while and this year he decided to do it.

“The final 12 acts chosen tonight will think they are the only ones slugging it out to win because that’s how it has always been.

“But there is a massive surprise in store. On the first live show next Saturday, all 20 of the singers and bands who didn’t make it through will come back on the show

“And on the night, the four judges will get the chance to choose one act each to include in their category – effectively throwing some of the losers a lifeline to be on the show and ultimately win.

“This is a major shake-up for the show and it’s bound to upset the original 12 acts who were chosen at Judges’ Houses.

“As far as they were concerned the others were out of the running. But now four will be back in the race. The judges know about it now but didn’t at the time when they made their choices. The fur will no doubt fly!”

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new twist…Do you think it will work? Will it have you on the edge of your seats? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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