X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel refused to sing Cheryl Cole’s song

by Lisa McGarry

Katie Waissel reportedly enraged her mentor Cheryl Cole this week, when she refused to sing the song she chose for Saturday’s live show.

The show will follow an Elton John theme and Chez had wanted the controversial contestant to sing ‘The Bitch Is Back.’ However Katie kicked up a fight and refused the track, instead choosing to sing Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting), which we don’t think is any better.

She told The Sun: “There were a couple of songs put forward to me. I liked the fighting spirit of the songs, but one goes a little too far. Do you know what? You can push things too far.”

Katie also admitted that Cheryl has told her to stop indulging in temper fuelled outbursts, adding: “Ninety-nine per cent of the time I don’t think before I speak and I come out with the biggest load of c**p. Cheryl told me, ‘Think before you speak’.”

With a double eviction planned for Sunday, it looks likely that Katie will be eliminated and that day can’t come a moment to soon for show staff.

One said: “To say Katie is a diva is putting it mildly – she’s a complete nightmare. She is so rude to people and treats staff on the show like dirt.

“Cheryl has been livid with the way she’s been acting. She’s done her best to help her, but she still gets this rude backchat from her.

“And Katie isn’t honest with anyone. She fled to meet Amy Winehouse the other night and when we asked about it she just lied and said she didn’t.

“Then she moans about how much of a hard time she’s having. It’s awful.”

Well now that you know what Katie will be singing this week, have a look at our full songlist for Elton John night here.

Lisa McGarry

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