X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel wows Simon Cowell with I’d Rather Go Blind (VIDEO)

Katie Waissel went back to basics on tonight’s X Factor show.

The 24 year old stepped away from huge productions, gimmicks and costumes and just sang Etta James’ ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’. It was her, a mic stand and a stunningly simple dress on the stage tonight and we loved her vocal style. She may want to cover her ears up a bit in future performances but that is really the only tip we can offer, because Katie nailed this one tonight!

Judges Comments:

Louis: Katie I am so glad I saved you. I saved you because I thought you have a talent, you’re a hard worker, you’re emotional and I think people in the press are giving you a hard time. They’re not judging you on your talent. Tonight you sung your heart out and I want people yo give you another chance!

Dannii: Katie nobody can deny you sang with every bit of effort that you have and that’s why I saved you last week. I didn’t like your performance on the Saturday, I like it stripped back, you’ve still got your personality and I think what we have to get across now, is to really show that personality, show who you are don’t hide behind things.

Simon: I think she is showing her true self. That film is you, you’ve wanted this all your life, you’ve had a hard time….but so what! You’re singing in front of 15 million people get over it. There is something about you that I really like. there’s a rawness, there’s an authenticity. I’m interested in you. I thought that was terrific.

Cheryl: You are such a great girl, I enjoy everything about you and for you to feel any kind of love in here tonight is amazing for you.

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Lisa McGarry

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