X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel splits the judges with her song and her strange helmet!

In her pre-performance VT, Simon Cowell, admitted that Katie Waissel has a lot to prove on tonight’s X factor show.

The 24 year old made it into Cheryl’s top three, despite some tears, breakdowns and a ridiculous amount of shots at fame before.

Tonight Katie sang Queen’s We Are The Champions for her first live performance. Weirdly she sported a huge feathery helmet thing and stood behind a keyboard, though we don’t think she was actually playing a note. Once we bypassed that distraction, we realised that Katie was actually singing rather well. She has a very distinctive voice and she was vocally sound tonight.

Judges Comments:

Louis: Katie when you first auditioned I thought you were more style than substance and after that performance I haven’t really changed my mind. I don’t know who Katie is, it’s a little of Madonna, it’s a little bit of Gwen Stefani and I honestly think the song was too big for you.

Dannii: Katie it must have been so hard to do that after everything that happened this week. I thought vocally it was fierce. I don’t get the whole look, I loved what you were wearing in auditions but I don’t get tonight’s look.

Simon: I’m going top totally disagree with Dannii, I like what you are wearing. It’s different and I am so bored with people on these competitions trying to look like someone else and not having anything original about them. I think you are original and a a drama queen and you have an interesting voice. You have bee great fun to work with, good for you.

Cheryl Cole; There is a whole new world of artists out there who allow themselves that allow themselves to be expressive. I love that about you. You are helping me embrace different as well and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. You’re a great girl. Louis, there’s time yet to get to know her!

Did you enjoy Katie’s performance tonight? Will you be voting for her? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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