X Factor 2010: London fans not impressed by grumpy Cheryl Cole!

X Factor fans have been up in arms today, with many complaining about Cheryl Cole’s behaviour at the recent London auditions.

Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole listened to wannabes in London for the third day running this afternoon and the singer, who is normally described as the nations sweetheart seemed to be more surly than sweet with her fans.

One of our Twitter followers attended the London event and on the subject of her favourite judge said:

It was kinda strange, cheryl was so quiet =/ just agreed with simon or louis.

One member of Digital Spy forums was slightly less reserved and blasted the ‘3 Words’ singer saying:

I honestly think Cheryl could not be bothered to be there, she made no interaction with the audience hardly at all and just seems like shes realised that she has got bigger than the show, what with all the american interest she now has. She was sooooo stubborn with some really good acts and i think some of them must of felt a little cheated especially a really talented guy called Page. Maybe all this trouble with her ex as made her toughen up but i didnt like her today.

Another commenter explained:

She was the same today, she wasn’t rude or anything but she just didn’t seem that interested any more. She waved to people and stuff but when giving feedback and interacting with Simon and Louis; there really wasn’t much of that.

We find ourselves wondering if all the divorce drama is starting to get Cheryl down, after all she can’t go anywhere without hearing about how badly her husband’s team are doing in the World Cup. Or maybe she’s just all loved out, she did after all just return from a short romantic break with her rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough. Or maybe Chez is just exhausted. As soon as she wrapped up her support stint on the Black Eyed Peas tour, she launched straight into her X Factor judging duties and let’s face it, she hasn’t had an easy ride this year.

Were you at the auditions this week? What did you think of Cheryl’s behaviour? Will stories like this make you lose respect for your favourite Girls Aloud star? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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