X Factor 2010: Louis Walsh gives Paije Richardson a second chance

by Lisa McGarry

19 year old Paije Richardson bowled Louis Walsh over when he performed at his X Factor audition in London earlier this year, however Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell just weren’t convinced.

Before singing for the panel, Paije told presenter Dermot O’Leary:

“My name’s Paije, I’m 19 and I’m an usher in the cinema. While I’m at work all I can dream of is singing on a big stage, I stand at the back of the screen and sing to all the empty seats. It makes me want to be somewhere else. This is really what I want to do in life, I want to be doing the job and career that I love to do in life. Singing is the only thing I love and the thing I want to do most in my life. If I do that for the rest of my life I’ll be very happy.”

He then sang Fly Me ToThe Moon by Frank Sinatra.


Louis: I did not expect that at all Paije. You’ve got a really jazzy, soulful voice. You’re one of the best singers today by far.

Cheryl: I don’t know. Part of me was like wow and the other half of me wouldn’t let myself go, I don’t know…I’m kind of a bit on the fence.

Simon: I’m sorry Paije but I agree with Cheryl on this. I was thinking at times, I could be at a wedding right now.

Louis: No way, this guy’s not a wedding singer, he’s a brilliant jazz singer. I’m convinced you’ve got a great voice, I think you need work. Simon, I really like him and I’m saying yes.

Cheryl: I have to be totally honest with myself and my opinion, and something didn’t connect for me. I’m sorry I’m going to say no.

Simon: I’m going to say no Paije, I didn’t get it.

As Paije left the stage, Louis suggested to Simon and Cheryl that maybe Paije could come back and try again at the end of the day. He goes back stage to talk to Paije.

Louis: You’ve got a great voice, you’re only 19. Go and rehearse, come back at the end of the day. Don’t let me down, I think you’re good.

Will Paije be able to turn this around and win Simon and Cheryl over? Tune in to ITV1 at 7.45pm tonight to find out!

Lisa McGarry

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