X Factor 2010: Marlon McKenzie has his ‘eye on the prize’

by Lisa McGarry

Marlon McKenzie has admitted that he made a lot of changes to how he looks and performs, before returning to The X Factor this year.

The Mancunian singer was seen making enjoying his THIRD audition on last night’s show, he previously made it through to bootcamp in both 2005 and 2008, but failed to make it as far as the live shows. This year Marlon sang Ain’t No Sunshine for the panel, and what should have been a cheesy performance, was actually quite amazing. Simon Cowell enthused:

“’I’ve got to be honest, when you said you were going to sing Ain’t No Sunshine, I thought oh god we’re going to hear that same old version we’ve heard thousands of times. The fact that you came with your own version of it, actually made the song sound incredibly current, I’ve got a good feeling about you as a person.”

On why he failed to make it past bootcamp before, Marlon told Phil and Holly on This Mornning:

“In 2008 I didn’t stand out. It was safe performance which got me sent home. In 2005 I was a bit of a mess up. I messed up the key with the pianist.”

However, this year’s audition was different. McKenzie added:

“I came back, I thought about the performance, the song, the image just tried to keep everything….eye on the prize you know!”

He admitted that he did consider not returning to the show.

“I wasn’t going to audition this year,” he revealed, “but I thought if I go and they say no, at least I’ll know. If I don’t go, I’d never have known if it was a no or a yes.

‘For me it’s like, you just don’t give up on you dreams. If it doesn’t work out you go back, you just keep trying. I’ve got children, I’ve got to set that example.’

Marlon also revealed that he much preferred auditioning in front of the live audience, to singing in a small room for a table of just three or four judges. He said:

“That’s so much better because you feed off the audience’s energy and if you do a good job and they let you know, it pushes you to do better.”

Do you think Marlon will make the live shows? Will it be third time lucky for the hopeful? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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