X Factor 2010: Matt Cardle sings ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ (VIDEO)

Matt Cardle had a real Darius Danesh moment on tonight’s X Factor, when he took to the stage to sing the Britney Spears classic ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Speaking in his video diary before the show, Matt spoke about the song choice saying:

“I’m not convinced of my song choice this weekend.”

“But I’m going top try my best to put in a good performance.”

“It’s as cheesy as it gets man.”

He insisted that he was going to try and make it credible and the vocal coach said that he may struggle to make it more than a karaoke version.

Matt took to the stage playing his own guitar which we loved! The instrumental thing is our favourite part of American Idol and it’s nice to see it carried over to the the X Factor. The Britney classic sounded less cheesy and more emotional and Matt hit every note spot on. The version relied heavily on the old Travis cover of the track but still, we liked it a lot.


SIMON COWELL: Matt it was absolutely incredible. You know that’s why i love this, I like people who take risks. It’s so easy Louis to do straight cover versions of songs but to take a song like that and turn it into your version….it sounded like a hit record.

DANNII MINOGUE: We can sit here and say you look like a popstar, you sing like a popstar, you act like one but these guys know who a popstar is. After you’ve sung that version, that’s the only version I have in my head. I can’t wait to buy it on iTunes.

LOUIS WALSH: Wow everybody loves it here. When I first saw you at the audition I never imagined you doing a Britney song but you did a pop classic and made it your own. I think that version could be a number one record again. I love that you’re not predictable and you take a chance. Matt you are unique in every way.

CHERYL COLE: The best way to find out how you did, is listen to the audience. You took such an iconic sing, we 100% associated with Britney but somehow I felt like I was sitting in an unplugged session where I was watching an artist sing an acoustic set. It was really fantastic.

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Lisa McGarry

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