X Factor 2010: Nicole Scherzinger “I wasn’t a replacement for Dannii Minogue or Cheryl Cole’

by Lisa McGarry

Nicole Scherzinger made her X Factor debut on tonight’s show and in an interview with the Mirror, she revealed that she didn’t see herself as a replacement for Dannii Minogue or Cheryl Cole.

Saying that she wanted to be her ‘own woman’ on the ITV show, Nicole admitted that her favourite moment was when Simon Cowell conceded that she was ‘actually contributing’ to the contestant’s experiences.

The Pussycat Doll told the newspaper:

“I didn’t see my job to be a ­replacement for Dannii or Cheryl. I am my own woman.”

“I think Simon ­respected me for coming in as an artist and standing up for what I feel.

“I think he respects my opinions and me saying what I think. He told me one day when we were ­judging, ‘Wow you’re actually contributing ­something’. That meant a lot to me.

“I didn’t want to just come in and sit there. I wanted to be positive and offer any advice that I could. I’ve been in that ­position so I know what it’s like.”

Nicole revealed that she was looking forward to meeting Cheryl Cole and was disappointed when she was forced to pull out of the auditions, after contracting malaria on a trip to Tanzania. Scherzinger said:

“I was sad because I was standing in for Dannii and I was looking forward to be able to share the table with Chery.”

“I was really sad when I heard she was sick. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

“I know she’s loved and adored by her UK fans. I’m just glad she’s better and I hope I did the job justice.

“I just tried not to be a stand-in. I am my own person. I was there representing the girl power on the panel.”

Lisa McGarry

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