X Factor 2010: Nicolo Festa thinks his performance was ‘too over the top’

X Factor reject Nicolo Festa looked truly dejected as he conducted his interview on ITV’s This Morning today.

The 21 year old student from Treviso, Italy was the first contestant to be eliminated from the talent show last night and when Phillip Scofield remarked on how upset he still appeared to be, Nicolo admitted:

I’m a little upset, I’ve felt better but life goes on. It’s the shock of being the first. I’m very very tired and I need some time to recover but I’m sure I’ll be fine. I think it’s normal for me to feel slightly upset right now, I mean I couldn’t be at my most excited.

On why he received the lowest amount of public votes, Nicolo admitted that he may have sang the wrong song and said that Cheryl Cole was right to criticise his styling and big sunglasses, because they stopped him connecting with the viewers. He said:

I haven’t watched the performance back, I don’t think I will but I have a feeling that it was very entertaining but it was wrong. I think the song was wrong, I think it was a little over the top, it was a great production but maybe not for the first show. The glasses were totally wrong and I totally understand Cheryl’s comment.

During rehearsals I was very tired and my eyes were swollen and red, so the glasses were a mutual idea. But we didn’t think about the connection with the people at home.

When asked how he felt about being voted off, when all four wildcards remain on the show, Nicolo said:

You get what you deserve and if I’m here then I deserve it and if other people are in then they deserve to still be on the TV show.

He added:

I feel proud of myself because it’s the first time I ever tried to be seen in the music business. I’ve never auditioned before, I’ve never done anything with music so I was very very lucky. I also feel lucky because I was in the final 12, not the final 16. It’s a big accomplishment and I’m very proud.

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Lisa McGarry

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