X Factor 2010: Paije Richardson sings ‘Ain’t Nobody’ (VIDEO)

X Factor finalist Paije Richardson landed one of the best songs on this week’s show. While some people were made to sing silly Disney songs, he was allowed to belt out Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan.

Dannii Minogue said she wanted to give Paije a chance to show off his vocals and Brian Friedman insisted that he was going to be great.

The song started off in a very low key fashion, just Paije and a piano and a VERY red jacket (what is it with him and his loud coats?). His voice was amazing, though we did spend the whole time waiting for the good upbeat part to kick in…it never came.

Paije can sing but we don’t think he is memorable enough to win the competition. Our biggest worry now is that despite his amazing vocal style, he opened the show tonight and in the past two weeks, both acts that sang first were later voted off. Could Richardson be about to follow FYD and Storm Lee?


SIMON COWELL: I didn’t like what you are wearing. I think now you’ve got to turn yourself into a popstar. The performance was ok and I say that because now you’ve got to start behaving and acting like a star. Having said that the end part of the vocal was absolutely outstanding. You’ve got to start believing that you can win this competition.

DANNII MINOGUE: You have arrived Paije. The way that you’ve matured in one week has been exceptional. We’ve never had that kind of opening to the show. The vocals were perfect from start to end and there was a sparkle in your eye this week.

LOUIS WALSH: I love your choice of song, I love the arrangement. You just got better and better as the sing went on. This was your best week yet. I know you’ve had a very difficult personal week but you came out on this stage tonight and you were amazing!

CHERYL COLE: The most comfortable you’ve looked and the most confident performance you have delivered and I thought it was amazing.

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Lisa McGarry

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