X Factor 2010: Paije Richardson sings If I Ain’t Got You (VIDEO)

Third on the X Factor stage tonight was London singer Paije Richardson.

Vocal coach Yvie Burnett advised him to step up his exercise regime, so that he can make it through a performance without getting out of breath. So it was straight to the gym for the chunky singer!

Paije emerged onstage tonight wearing a funky polka dot jackets, jeans and white trainers. We liked his vocals but the arrangement of the song was a little boring. He got into his groove in the second verse and seemed to grow in confidence when the key change kicked in. For us it was very good, but not an excellent performance.

Judges Comments:

Cheryl: I wasn’t sure of the song choice at first but I think towards the end you convinced everybody.

Louis: I am one of your biggest fans and that was such a big improvement on last week. You’re a lot more comfortable singing that song, I think Alicia Keys is a very hard song for a boy to sing but you’re a soulful little man. You’ve got the talent absolutely in bucket loads.

Simon: You’re like sunshine when you walk out on the stage. You put everyone in a good mood and I like that. I thought the song like Cheryl said was much better towards the end, the only issue I have and this isn’t your fault but it looked like the dancers had walked out onto the wrong song. Literally it had nothing to do with the song. Therefore Ms Minogue, whose responsibility this is, has slightly screwed this one up.

Dannii: Well I thought it worked. It’s kind of young and hip and cool to mix things together on stage these days and it works for Paije because he has strong direction. I was so happy with that performance tonight, it did get hotter and hotter towards the end.

Lisa McGarry

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