X Factor 2010: Rebecca Ferguson sings ‘Why Don’t You Do Right’ (VIDEO)

Rebecca Ferguson was third on the X Factor stage tonight.

Cheryl Cole admitted that she wanted Rebecca to come out of her shell tonight and the Liverpool mum of two admitted that she wants to be seen as a ‘young woman having fun.’

WE LOVED Beck’s new hairstyle and it looks like she has dyed her tresses to match her mentors’. However, we weren’t so sure about the song choice at first as we wanted her to do something upbeat for once. However the vocal was flawless and beautiful and Rebecca really shone tonight.


SIMON COWELL: What I feel tonight is that is almost like target practice is over and I have to say, this is the night you turned into a star. I actually can’t fault any part of that. This is so exciting. I read something Elton John said in the papers, which was a really bitchy thing to say, he said that these shows don’t produce stars. Well Elton if you’re not watching, I’m going to send you this tape and you can take back what you said.

DANNII MINOGUE: Rebecca I would be one of those people who buys your records. That is the style of music that I love and you do it so well. That is the best performance you have done, by far. I have to say, I didn’t love the dress and all the makeup, I think you are so beautiful, the camera absolutely eats you up. It makes you look older than what you are, you are a young funky chick and you know that I love your style but it aged you a bit tonight.

LOUIS WALSH: Liverpool has definitely got a brand new postar. What a transformation, I meet you backstage and you’re really shy and a nice girl. You walked on the stage like an amazing American diva. You are a class act with a unique recording voice.

CHERYL COLE: You tick every single box and that performance was every single thing it should be. Classy, sensual, you’re there, you are 100% here in front of our eyes and I can’t wait to see you progress.

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Lisa McGarry

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